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Ancient beauty of Azerbaijan’s Lahij village (35 photos)

Lahij village in Azerbaijan’s Ismayilli region is one of the most attractive destinations for arriving tourists, history wise. And that’s not surprising.

Lahij is one of the most ancient human settlements in Azerbaijan,  on the southern slopes of the Greater Caucasus Mountain Range. Lahij has its authentic handicrafts traditions, particularly related to copper. The village’s carpet and rug crafts are also well known in Azerbaijan and the South Caucasus.

The Lahij settlement is a unique living place, with its unusual planning layout, transport system, and its public, private and religious buildings. Lahij is an example of early urbanization and architecture, as shown by its cobbled streets and squares, together with its developed sewerage systems and water pipelines. Subterranean kurabandis (‘sewerage system’), made from river stones, and dating back to almost one thousand years, are thought to be one of the most ancient sewerage systems used in the world.

Below is a collection of photos shot in Lahij settlement, take a closer look:

Photo credit: Trend News Agency

ismayillilahij village

photobaku • September 16, 2015

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