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Baku: burning water, sheep contraband and creepy mannequins (13 photos)

Thomas Burns, a US-born cinematographer visited Baku as part of his South Caucasus trip. His company Burns & Co. is an award-winning boutique motion picture agency providing content solutions for commercial, non-fiction, and independent film projects.

According to Burns’ blog, he spent three months in Baku, and has made photos while living in Azerbaijan. “Baku is an amazing city. It is clean, modern, and very cosmopolitan. Perched on the shores of the Caspian Sea, it feels a bit like a Turkish version of Geneva,” he wrote on his blog.

Among the things he shot in Baku were the Absheron Peninsula, the State Flag Square, Ateshgah Fire Temple, Baku sights during winter…and also burning water and scary mannequins.

Check out some of what he shot in Baku below:

Photos: Copyright @ Thomas Burns

ateshgah templesheep in bakuthomas burnswinter

photobaku • November 4, 2015

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