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Baku’s most popular street and the Fountain Square (40 photos)

Torgovaya street – as it is known among the Baku residents, is the most popular street in Baku. The capital’s visiting guests are frequent visitors as well.

The name “Torgovaya” is just the name of the center of Baku spread by word of mouth for decades. Officially, the street is the Nizami street (named after Azerbaijani poet and thinker of the XII century Nizami Ganjavi). As for Torgovaya – the street was called that since the middle of the XIX century, due to the favorable location and an abundance of shops there.

Torgovaya is connected with the Fountain Square, which was a long history as well. Back in early XIX century it was called the Square. After numerous changes in 2010, the place became what it is today.

Below is a photo gallery of Torgovaya and the Foutain Square in Baku – take a look:

Photos: Trend News Agency

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photobaku • May 21, 2015

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