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Baku Zoo (35 photos)

Baku zoo was opened in 1928, in the territory of a park named after Lunacharsky (today this park is named after Nizami).

It belongs to the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Azerbaijan and to Executive Power of Baku city.

In 2010, constructional works began in the territories belonging to the zoo and in the result of this construction of a new railway station for children was totally reconstructed. Issue about resettlement of the zoo was put on the agenda.

According to order of the President of AzerbaijanI, lham Aliyev, a new zoo with unique and rare kinds of flora and fauna will be constructed in Gobu township of Absheron rayon, about 10 kilometers (6.2 mi) from Baku.

Below are the collected photos shot in the Zoo back in 2011.

2011animalsbaku zoo

photobaku • March 30, 2013

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