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First European Games in Baku – opening ceremony (VIDEO)

Watch the historic opening ceremony of the inaugural European Games that took place in Azerbaijan in June 2015.


Baku Marathon 2016 (21 photos)

On May 2, 2016, Azerbaijan held “Baku Marathon 2016”, where over 5,000 people participated, including local citizens and foreigners.


Many views of Baku: when past meets modern (16 photos)

Check out a mixed gallery of Baku photos, showcasing where modern meets the past. Photos inside!


Shining night Baku by Russian tourist (8 photos)

Foreigners love walking around the night Baku, which becomes nearly unrecognizable in the night lights.


“Extreme” celebration of Novruz holiday in Baku (PHOTOS)

Azerbaijan marks the Novruz holiday every year. Check out a cool creative photosession shot in Baku, related to this holiday!


Dark, beautiful photos of Baku during night time (12 photos)

Baku during the day is totally different from Baku during the night. The right kind of photos perfectly reflect that.


Extreme photography: Baku views from the roofs (34 photos)

Scroll through a collection of images shot from the roofs of Baku – a unique vision of Azerbaijan’s capital.


“Most beautiful airport in the world” in Baku (30 photos)

A collection of beautiful photos shot inside and outside of Baku’s Heydar Aliyev International Airport. Check it out inside!


When photo tells a story – Azerbaijani man on a smoke break

Sometimes a photo speaks a thousand words and this is one of those cases with Azerbaijan. Take a closer look inside.


Baku: burning water, sheep contraband and creepy mannequins (13 photos)

A collection of very different Baku photos, shot by cinematographer Thomas Burns, during his living in Azerbaijan’s capital.


Baku 2015 European Games: constructions, athletes and celebrations

Check out the compiled photo gallery of European Games 2015 in Baku – the building of arenas, athletes, as well as opening and closing ceremonies!


Azerbaijan’s karatekas – winners of Baku 2015 European Games (14 photos)

Azerbaijan’s karatekas proved to be the best at the 2015 European Games in Baku. Check out their photosession inside!


Going green: electric cars in Azerbaijan (16 photos)

Azerbaijan doesn’t lag behind “green” innovations, as the country is already importing “Tesla” electric cars into the country.


Heydar Aliyev International Airport in Baku – through tourist’s eyes (30 photos)

The beautiful Heydar Aliyev International Airport in Baku, through the eyes of a Russian tourist, in photos. Take a look inside.


What to see in Baku: sightseeing by The Telegraph (9 photos)

First time in Baku? Looking for sights to see? Check out what Telegraph advises you to see in Azerbaijan’s capital.


Baku: before and after inaugural European Games 2015

A mixed collection of photos, showcasing Baku before, during and after the European Games 2015.


Opening of historic Baku 2015 EuroGames – as seen by Washington Post

A photo gallery of grand opening of Baku 2015 European Games – as seen by the Washington Post photographers.


Baku 2015 European Games: Virtual tour through the Athletes Village

Take a look at the Baku’s Athletes Village – this is where the European Games athletes stay. Photos inside.


Baku’s funicular: to see, to ride, to enjoy (19 photos)

Take a look at Baku’s funicular – something you need to experience if it is your first time in the Azerbaijani capital.


“Little Venice” on Baku Boulevard (14 photos)

If you haven’t seen this beauty on Baku Boulevard – check out beautiful photos inside!


Baku’s most popular street and the Fountain Square (40 photos)

Check out the photo gallery of Baku’s “Torgovaya” street and the Fountain Square


Azerbaijan’s unique Carpet Museum in Baku (40 photos)

Take a virtual tour of Azerbaijan’s unique Carpet Museum! 40 photos inside!


Azerbaijani leader’s amazing “portrait” made of real people

Thousands of people gathered on the square to create a “living portrait” of Heydar Aliyev.


Professionally looking photos of Baku (33 photos)

A collection of professionally looking photos of Azerbaijani capital, shot by a foreign tourist.


People in Baku after January 20 tragedy in 1990 (10 photos)

A small gallery of people in Baku, shot right after the Jan. 20 tragedy events in 1990.


Baku in early 20th century (30 photos)

Baku wasn’t always the way it is today. See how the city looked like in the early 20th century – inside the post.


People of Baku in 1890-1891

A small gallery of people living in Baku back in 1890 and 1891, shot by traveling photographer Paul Nadar.


Paul Nadar’s amazing photos of Baku in 1890-91

Check out some of the amazing Baku b/w photos, shot by photographer Paul Nadar in 1890-1891.


Azerbaijan’s black-n-white history: January 1990

A small collection of photos from a Latvian photojournalist shot during the bloody events of January 1990 in Baku.


Russian blogger’s “one day” in Baku (19 photos)

A Russian female blogger spent one day in Baku, documenting her visit. Let’s take a look through her lens.

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