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Shining night Baku by Russian tourist (8 photos)

Foreigners love walking around the night Baku, which becomes nearly unrecognizable in the night lights.


Dark, beautiful photos of Baku during night time (12 photos)

Baku during the day is totally different from Baku during the night. The right kind of photos perfectly reflect that.


Baku: burning water, sheep contraband and creepy mannequins (13 photos)

A collection of very different Baku photos, shot by cinematographer Thomas Burns, during his living in Azerbaijan’s capital.


Heydar Aliyev International Airport in Baku – through tourist’s eyes (30 photos)

The beautiful Heydar Aliyev International Airport in Baku, through the eyes of a Russian tourist, in photos. Take a look inside.


What to see in Baku: sightseeing by The Telegraph (9 photos)

First time in Baku? Looking for sights to see? Check out what Telegraph advises you to see in Azerbaijan’s capital.


Professionally looking photos of Baku (33 photos)

A collection of professionally looking photos of Azerbaijani capital, shot by a foreign tourist.


Russian blogger’s “one day” in Baku (19 photos)

A Russian female blogger spent one day in Baku, documenting her visit. Let’s take a look through her lens.


Baku covered in snow (18 photos)

This particular post takes us back in 2008, and shows, once again, how beautiful Baku looks, when covered in real snow.


Tourist shots: Baku puzzle (17 photos)

Photo gallery with pictures shot in Baku by tourists in 2007.


Tourists tour Baku (73 photos)

With each year, the number of tourists who come to visit Azerbaijan grows. And each of them sees the “Land of Fires” differently.


Icheri Sheher aka Inner City (57 photos)

Icheri Sheher, a place that every foreigner and tourist coming to Azerbaijan should visit.


Two faces of Baku (10 photos)

Jean- Marc Caimi’s photos of Baku outskirts showcase places where people forced out of their homes have been relocated.


Baku shot by Ben Illis (72 photos)

Here are two separate galleries of photos that were shot in Baku by foreign professional photographer Ben Illis.


Baku as seen by tourists (43 photos)

Here are the photos made by one of the many tourists that come to visit Azerbaijan.