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Ancient fortress in Azerbaijani Sheki district (19 photos)

Gelersen-Görersen is an ancient fortress in Azerbaijan’s Sheki district. Built in the Middle Ages, the remains of the fortress are on the coast of the Kish River, not far from the Sheki city, on the summit of Garatepe Mountain.

Construction of the fortress dates back to the 8th-9th century. Gelersen-Gorersen was thoroughly consolidated and was used for defense. In translation from Azerbaijani language the name of the fortress means “You will come – you will see”.

The story has it, when the ruler of Iran, Nadir shah, attacked the Sheki Khanate in the 8th century, Haji Chelebi, khan of Sheki Khanate, hid in the fortress. When Nadir shah offered him to give up, Chelebi said: “You will come and you will see”. Enraged Nadir shah decided to capture the fortress, but failed and had to fell back.

Below are the photos of the remains of the fortress, shot both inside and outside in 2015:

Photos were kindly provided to PhotoBaku

Gelersen-Gorersen fortresssheki

photobaku • November 27, 2015

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