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PhotoBaku is a photoblog dedicated to Azerbaijani capital of Baku, which has been developing and growing rapidly in the recent years. After gaining independence in 1991, Azerbaijan has been developing non-stop, and photos are the best way to showcase the growth of an oil-rich South Caucasus country.

PhotoBaku features several categories, that include both photos/pictures of old Baku (made during the Soviet times), and the recent ones as well. On the website you can also find categories devoted to pictures shot by foreigners in Baku, and others.

The photos published on PhotoBaku belong to their respective owners (unless stated otherwise in the gallery).

If you would like to reach us regarding advertising on this website, if you happen to have a photo gallery that you would like to be published on PhotoBaku, or just for general issues – please use the form below, and let us know. Thanks.

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