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Old public transport of Baku and Sumgayit (31 photos)

This is a true rarity – photos of old Baku and Sumgayit. To be exact, it’s the old kind of transport that was being used there at the time, trolleybuses and trams.

The photos are from different photographers, and were shot in 1966, 1984, and 1999. Take a look below.

Continuing with the gallery, these photos below were shot by Stephan Spengler in 2003, also featuring old public transport, that is no longer functioning.

First gallery photos by: Aare Olander (1999), Peter Bam (1966), Bernhard Kussmark (1984)
Second gallery photos by: Stephan Spengler (2003)
Photos taken from: AzerView


photobaku • March 12, 2013

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