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The painful memories: Baku, January 1990 (54 photos)

Each year, Azerbaijan marks the date of mourning for the tragic events of 20 January 1990, when Baku was invaded by the troops of the Soviet Army.

On January 20, 1990 at 00:20 troops arriving from other regions of the USSR, numbering over 20 thousand people, without the consent of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of Azerbaijan SSR invaded the city of Baku. By doing so, they violated the Constitution of the USSR and the Azerbaijan SSR, and the Constitutional Law on Sovereignty of the Republic.

As a result, 170 people were killed, around 400 were wounded. Among those, who suffered were peaceful citizens: young people, elders, women and children. There were no casualties among the troops.

On January 22, targeted by the heavy machine guns, almost all of the people living in Baku went to a common burial of the tragedy victims. People died on 20th of January were pronounced heroes, who died for their country’s independence. On 22nd of January, the airport, train stations, telephone service – nothing was working, as the only sound people heard was the one of sirens.

The Upland Park is the place, where the Alley of Martyrs is established. Below are some archive photos of what was happening in Baku back in 1990.

Photos: 54
Source: 1news, ANSpress, AzerView
Year: 1990


photobaku • August 7, 2012

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